Community Information

Sauble of the many beautiful spots to visit on the stunning Bruce Peninsula!


Sauble Beach Community Information...

Our Sauble Beach Community is more vibrant than ever!  There is always something exciting to do or to see!  

Whether it's taking a relaxing stroll on the beach, browsing the downtown shops & merchants, attending an outdoor Sauble Beach Chamber event or festival, hiking at Sauble Falls, taking a community class--or just hanging out and enjoying Sauble's amazing beach community feel.

It's the people here that make our area so very special.  This is a place to love, live, work, play, cottage and most home.

"Houses form a neighbourhood...but only people can make it a community."

Community is an essential part of family, lifestyle and real estate.

Understanding the local market conditions of Sauble Beach & the many lovely areas of the Bruce Peninsula is important when it comes to Buying & Selling real estate.  

Please feel free to browse through the complimentary info on my site.

When it's time to buy or sell your Dream Home or Cottage, call me to get a Broker on your side who has experience with the local Sauble Beach & Bruce Peninsula markets.  I have the confidence and the knowledge to make it your best transaction possible and an exciting new adventure for you!

Looking forward to helping your dreams come home....  Amber